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Waiting Too

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Bought an Electric Blue R/T, just waiting for remote start install then shipping company to deliver it from the dealer in NC. Couple more weeks I imagine..but hopefully sooner.

Now just have to find a buyer for my 04 Rubicon.
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:wavey:Welcome to the forum my friend! Soak in all the Nitro Knowledge as you explore what this forum has to offer!!!
Welcome to the site, be sure to post a couple pics after you have it & don't be a stranger while you wait.:pepper:
Well..the R/T finally got to Denver last week and had to make the trek over to pick it up. 600 miles later must say I love the R/T so far. Getting almost 19/gallon highway/town split. Very impressed with the new 4.0L although would like to see some more aftermarket for it sooner than later.
welcome, glad to hear your liking your ride. well worth the wait
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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