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wanting to buy nitro r/t in san antonio

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just waiting for the nitro r/t im thinking of buying a white or silver. i really did not like the red. i thought it should have been like the viper red. i guess we cant get all i guess. i will keep you in touch as soon as i buy my nitro. i have big plans for it!!! maybe to start some wheels/lowering it a bet and so on. i bet the aftermarket is going ape **** over this!!! :D
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Welcome to the Forum. When I talked to my dealer, they said they have no idea when they will be gettin R/T's. Look forward to seeing pictures when you do get it though!
Hey! Welcome to the forum! Happy to have ya, and can't WAIT to see pics of the lowered Nitro!
Still hearing that the R/T s won't be out until January......
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