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Wax Everywhere

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I know that for 99% of you this obvious but thinking about winter here in the north east is always wise to wax your painted door sill and door frame and inside door areas to protect from the elements and spray silicone on rubber seals it will help them last and in the cold climates from freezing to the metal they contact, rear door too! I wax any painted area I can ! and silicone all rubber top and bottom :eek:ld:
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sux that down here we don't have much of a winter, we are lucky if we get to wear pants at Christmas....I love winter....I should move
thanx you guys are great.....let me see lots of snow....:smileup:
You got it! I will take pictures for you and maybe send you a box of snow! :chuckle: Heres one to get you going You see I was on the darkside at one time
I LOVE the element!! hey where did you get the occ decal? I love those guys, mikey makes me laugh!! I wanted an element b4 the nitro ever existed, but my hubby and 16 yr old told me they would never go anywhere w/ me it looked like a bread box :(

don't send me any yellow snow....even tho I am in texas I have STILL heard tale of the "yellow snow"!!

okay, I am out to hand wash the black beast, especially after seeing mfpita made me
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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