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So i started having this weird starting issue for a couple months now, after changing Spark Plugs, coils, cables nothing seemed to work. Kept getting multiple misfires even with new KGN copper plugs. Was told i could of had a bad head gasket, to keep swapping coils and cables even though i already did that. Kept looking through Forums, Youtube everywhere and nothing. Was only able to find one video out there but no actual answer to what was happening. For a while i thought it was bad fuel injectors or a bad fuel pump but didnt really actually think it could be that bad since it only happened when i would go to a store and it sat for a bit. Always tried to get a video of it but when i tried to get a video of it, it would turn on like it never happened.
One day i went out for a drive around town she began to over heat so i drove it home.(been having heater core problem and no heat but found out ive been driving for a while with an air bubble and didnt show till now) let her sit for a couple days and thats when it began to start having starting problems once again. Tried to turn it on and it just kept crancking and no start but crank after crank she finally turned on. Called around and was being told it could be a bad headgasket or something else till i called an uncle whos a mechanic and tried to explain what was happening said the same thing, spark plugs ect.. till i told him that one day i gave her hell going into the freeway and all good until she chocked on me, engine began to shake loosing power, tried to give her some gas and it wouldnt take it drove the nitro off the freeway put it in park and was still shaking so i turned it off. Turned her back on and like it never happened.. And thats when he said my Cats are getting clogged..
Went back out to check it out and driver Cat was about 2 times hotter than the passenger Cat and it was on just for a couple minutes could feel it being hot from 6inches away. Was planning on removing the cat and running it straight but decided to pour some cat cleaner before i tear the cat open since i was gonna go a little road trip and could use that drive for that cat cleaner to do some work drove 126 miles there and back. Check engine light went off and its been turning on Like a champ. Gonna keep adding the Cat cleaner to make sure it cleans it self out pretty good.
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