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Hello Everyone:

As one that has been a member of several Discussion Groups in recent years, this Group has started off as a refreshing happy group. Lets face it most Groups find mainly complainers since those that are pleased with a product don’t take the time to post.

I am involved and member of Discussion Groups focused on High Definition TV, Home Theaters and Satellite Programming for over five years now. I even posted the building of my Home Theater on a free Web Site about two years ago and thus far it has received over 21,000 “Hits”.

I am looking to upgrading it again when SED type TV sets become available in about one year.

Since I’m retired and have been for about 5 years now (starting SS in January) I thought I had bought my last car back 1995 with a Grand Cherokee and have had it 100% Dealer Serviced. It cost 32K back then but I purchased Chrysler’s 100,000 miles service contract and with 173,000 miles on it, runs and still looks new. Even put in a new replacement CD radio (Mopar exchange) and luggage rack on it this year from the Dealer.

Since I saw the Nitro I started to think I need another toy (since my HT upgrade is on hold) and life is short. Have already contacted the Dealer here in Noblesville, IN asking for a test drive of an R/T when they get one in late December or January. Also have specked one out that would require ordering as my 95 did, and find it will even cost less with all the goodies. Should be a much safer vehicle too even if I don’t drive as much now.

Have already learned a lot here and will follow this Site each day as I do my others. So far I am encouraged with all the positive feedback you all have and ordering a new Nitro G/T looks to be a real possibility.

Good Luck to all the new Nitro owners for being involved here and will post again when I become one too.

NitroZ is the place to be!!!
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Welcome to the forum! Happy to have you and look forward to hearing all about your R/T when you get it!
You don't have to wait until then to post though!

Regarding our forums in general. . . we have been very lucky in that we have not had any problem members. This is true for our other forums as well. . .
Everyone seems to be very nice and we genuinely enjoy helping others.

Thanks for noticing! :beerchug:
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