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Really? Sweet! Why aren't you driving GM?
they dont produce anything that i like

i dont want a car (well i would take a Z06 :p )

i dont want a pick up truck (been there done that)

the only SUV's they make i like are the
Trailblazer SS and the Hummer H3

Trailblazer SS Handles not so great, gets 12 MPG on premium gas and is a really boring looking design (just cant see myself driving one)

Hummer H3 crappy underpowered engine, not great gas milage for the poor performance. An H3x equipped with the same options as i am getting on the NITRO R/T, would cost me close to $42,000 way to much for that vehicle

PLUS the NITRO R/T is the only vehicle out there that give me a tickle where it counts!!! :D
1 - 20 of 751 Posts
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