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What fits?

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Over the past few days I have been looking around for radio install kits some I find on and On

euro antenna adapter:

#1. oem F to Motorola M
#2. oem M to Motorola F
#3. Motorola M to oem antenna F

Which of these is for the nitro assuming we all have the same antenna hookup for our radios?
Circuit city has the "What fits my car" thing and I did it with out subwoofer cause that I dont have. they have a dash install kit and 3 wire harnesses and they are as follows.

#1. Metra dodge install kit no.996507 for 2004 & up Durango/Magnum. This comes up for what fits my nitro.

Wire harnesses

#1. Metra wire harness for eclipse eco 1-180
#2. Metra wire harness for eclipse players eco 2-80
#3. Metra wire harness 80-6502.

Most of these items are 20 bucks or less but with the variouse options and I have no clue what to buy and the techs if thats what you want to call them dont know jack cause the Nitro is so new. What do you guys think?
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This is a hard one to answer specially with the Nitro so new.

Sorry but I haven't got a clue on the antenna adapter.

And the only info I can give you about the stereo jumper harnesses is that it would be wired completely wrong. The connector should be the same and you could rewire them to work for your application. Other then that its a matter of waiting.

Chrysler changes they way they wire each radio. This has made it so stereos cannot be swapped from one to another. ie from a 300 to a Durango to a Nitro. :(
Chrysler changes they way they wire each radio. This has made it so stereos cannot be swapped from one to another. ie from a 300 to a Durango to a Nitro. :(
I wonder why. . . I'd love to put a MyGIG in my 06 Charger. . .
Back a couple years you could swap any radio in a Chrysler product.

The problem was this....a customer wants the cd player in Caravan he's buying but it only has a tape the dealer gets the "lot rocket" to grab the cd player from another Caravan on the lot and install it.....and the customer happily drives away listening to their CD's.

....6 months later...

Our happy CD playing customer returns not so happy because the CD player has eaten his favourite Kenny Rogers CD........time for warranty...

This is where the problem starts. The van is supposed to have a tape player according to the VIN, but it doesn't. The dealer wants warranty on the CD stereo, Chrysler says where's the radio it was built with, Dealer says ummm, ummm we swapped it for the CD for the customer. In the end Chrysler warranties the stereo.

Dealers have done this for years not only with radios, but other items like seats, and wheels.

Obviously Chrysler got tired of this and decided to put a stop to it. Especially stereos. Today all the stereos are on the communication "BUS", wired differently and some may even have the VIN programmed to them. Swap a stereo between two Chrysler 300's and it might not work, so why bother. :shakehead: Hope this made some sense.
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Edited: Nevermind, I was looking at some incorrect info..
nitroman577, when I get to work, I'll dig out my invoice from crutchfield & give you the two adapter numbers you need. Be later today.
Take a look at this thread, I have installed a Double DIN H/U with no worries, and the antenna hooked right up, as well as the radio fit nice.
cool thanks Im looking to do this install over the holiday week.
well I went to circuit city and they actually helped me. the guy did some calling around and he said there will be kits after the 2nd week in jan. I dont have a double dinn radio "kinda wish I did" but your looks sweet.
nitroman557, They were the EU10 & EU20 ant. adapters from. Crutchfield, those with the FM modulator adapter. hooked my starmate up to the radio just fine.
what did you do about the wire harness? Do you have the one with the stock subwoofer? thanks for the info Im going to order the antenna adapter today and I guess I have to wait on the dash kit till Jan. I did that mod for the vibration in my driver and passenger door pannel but I cant get ride of that rattle. DRIVES ME NUCKIN FUTS anywase thanks for the info.
Didn't have to change the harness, spliced the wires for the radio into th apo but behind the bezal. jaerho-nitro put a very good thread on this in the int. mods section.
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