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what to do with my white nitro

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I need some feedback i have a white r/t ordered and was thinking about adding the chrome bugshield and chrome bodyside moldings and of course the gas door is that gonna look tacky. black is so easy everyone has pictures but i haven't seen a white one accessorized yet. so its kinda hard i would love to see it first before spending $. I am taking any and all suggestions on adding a little bit of pizzaz to my baby when she gets here.
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Have you thought about getting it "Pinstripped" and leaving it at that for now?
Hey. There are a few pics of the pinstriping on my white one in the pic gallery.. Too much chrome on white to me just doesn't look good.
White w/ some color

Chrome accessories are an easy route to take but I suggest adding some color to your Nitro. The color will pop against the white, whereas anything chrome tends to blend in. Colors from orange to blue would look great. I personally like the Viper blue. Maybe that in a pinstripe and paint disc brakes the same color. The possibilities are endless with a white Nitro!

I agree with everyone else on this one a little paint would go a long way on white, look at DAYLEY's in the gallery will give you some good ideas. Then some rims & tires.:pepper:
i never thought about adding color thanks for the advice. i definitely want my nitro to be different and stand out from the rest. slowly but surely i'm not in a rush after all i'm broke now that i'm gonna have a payment again :eek:
Don't go to crazy with the chrome on a white car. I also agree to add some color.
Hi, I had white trucks in the past and you need to contrast with powdercoat BLACK. It looks awsome!!! chrome means big money and no smiles...:SHOCKED:
put some electric blue racing stripes on it..hehe:SHOCKED:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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