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What's the improvement W/ K&N filter

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Hi all,
I was wondering if anyone has installed a drop in K&N air filter with no other mods to an R/T.
I noticed an improvement in power and economy in my V10 truck when I installed one.
I am going to swap to a K&N when the stock one is due to be changed but if there is an improvement in fuel economy I will instsall it sooner.
Any personal experiences?
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Hiya, blue 07 Nitro RT! Just to add to your options, check out this thread:

A lot of us have wandered around the options for trying to introduce true cool or cold air intakes, and if you don't want to be Scar0 and do it ALL yourself from scratch (though he IS A GENIUS and you could NOT GO WRONG!), check out this option also.

Me, I didn't like the K&N option, even the full option, because it seemed to me that there was too much hot engine air on the design, being as the functional top "cover" is the heat-retaining hood insulation. Thinking along these lines, and not being as handy as Scar0 in being able to build my own, my 4.0 ended up as a prototype measurement for Volant, along with my friend BlueJet who modeled the 3.7 for the prototype measurements. We're still waiting for production, but it should be this month sometime. The advantage of these intakes SHOULD be the multiple air intake routes, allowing for cooler air under all conditions. We haven't seen it yet, so it hasn't yet been proven -- so far is a concept until we can share the results of our testing.

Options are good -- just throwing this into the fray!
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