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What's the real story????

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I have seen the Nitro on TV (less than impressive commercials) I have seen them in person..HOT!!!! I really would like to get one, but I get spooked by the tranny problems. What is the percentage of problems out there? Have they fixed these problems on new production Nitro's?
I also went to the Honda Ridgeline Club site- which linked me to CRV's and the Elements forums- and guess what? They have alot of problems if not more!!!!!! (Most reliable???) Is this just hype or what? Can you feel the tranny surge problem in a test drive or does it come later?
Sorry to ask so many questions, and I feel for the people who have been bouncing back and forth from the dealer- I think you guys/gals are handling it much better than I would:SHOCKED: :mad: :eek:!!!!!

I know there are lot's of threads in here about the tranny situation-what is the latest news-how many Nitro's are effected-and is Dodge doing something about it? I am just a simpleton when it comes to auto maintenance- I just like to drive and look :cool:!!!! The Nitro seems to be the ticket, Any help will be appriciated!!! (hopeful new Nitro owner) Gman..... Does this thing have spell check?
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My Honest Opinion

I have had a small issue with a little transmission vibration. Mine so far has been fixed. I really feel that sometimes people go looking for problems that may not be there and they find them anyway. I have noticed quite a difference in the tire feedback on the nitro compared to our last suv. The tires, suspension and the road, a lot of different variables can make you feel a shudder and immediatley think oh no its may tranny going out! Because of reading so much info it can really make you create problems you may not have. I love our Nitro and am very pleased so far with our service dept. I hope some of my ramblings help..........................Mark
No tranny problems here. I've got over 1500 miles on it now & have run it heavily in the snow & in 4wd. Plus I've towed a 2200 lb trailer about 200 miles, some of that in the snow. And no tranny issues.
Only issue I've had is a bad passenger side door lock actuator & a scratched sunroof. Both warranteed & more than like unique to my Nitro alone.
I have an evaluation SLT Nitro built end of December and I don't have the earlier tranny problems. Chrylser constantly gathers problems reported from dealers and employees that have eval vehicles and then analyze these problems, prioritizes them and and makes the necessary engineering, part or build process corrections. Unfortunately, the earlier production vehicles of new models have the most problems. But it gets better over time. Any Nitro that's built now should not have the tranny problem. That means don't get one that's been on the dealer lot for 4 months.
Rolling back on hills

Look at the build date (lower aft driver's door). My dealer says that any Nitro built after Oct 2006 had the problem fixed in production. My wife has a concern with how much it rolls backward when you let off the brake to accellerate while on one of the many hills around here. We've never had anything but cars, and were wondering if the rolling back is due to the configuration (4WD) or if this is abnormal?
Love mine! I've found a couple fit and finish problems that are warrantied but I can find them on almost any vehicle... I tend to be kinda picky! Bottom line I just think the Nitro stands out from other SUV's and it has a good price point right now. It's not an Escalade but from the way people seem to always want to check it out it might as well be. Besides an Escalade wouldn't fit in my garage... LoL... and the gas. I want something that averages 20 mpg... and I'm getting that with the NITRO. On the freeway 24/25.
the more i drive my wife's the more i like it.really like the looks and think overall its great.

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