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What's your favorite auto wax?

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I have always pretty much stuck with McGuire's Wax products, but I'm open for suggestions............Mark :4-jump2:
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Liquid Luster... you can buy it at car shows, state fairs or online. Two coats of this stuff and you'll swear you're looking through glass!
Wax For You Nitro

:ura1: Liquid Glass.

It is a bit $$$$$

About $20.00 per can.

Good wax.
I've used
gold class for a long time, but I think I'll get a bottle of that Liquid Lustre & give it a try.
Liquid Lustre, and Zaino! I've used both, they both are top notch! I'm using Zaino right now. Excellent product.
Sounds Good

I may have to try One of these new mentioned products. I live in West Virginia and sometimes the winters can be pretty tough. I need a lot of solid protection.
Mark :4-jump2:
Stoner Bead Max ---send for it over the net
Fast, easy, won't hurt glass or rubber parts.
Lasts a long time. Car wash just blasts off the dirt.
i got the paint warranty for my 05 dodge ram for 50.00 and they gave me this stuff called auto armor. this is the best car wax and wash i have ever used.:cool:
I have used a lot of them

but I have stuck with Meguiar's gold class and a local company here Collinite, they make a wax for the Rolls Royce club that some here have gotten.(I would like to get them to join here as a supporting vendor. :thk:
Another member of the Zaino mafia, checking in. My salesman recommended it when I bought my Viper (he's a Viper owner and racer as well), and I gave it a shot, and never went back. Amazing stuff. Not a wax, and the multi-step process requires a little dedication (though it's easier to apply and remove than wax), but the results are unparalleled.

Yellow is a pretty difficult color to get ANY sort of "wax shine" type of reflection out of... had this been black or dark blue, it would look like a pool of water:

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I prefer Harley Davidson Glaze.

But I tend to use Meguiars on my larger vehicles.

I've been using a product called Rejex. Found out about it on a Jeep Liberty forum. Goes on and wipes off easily. No white dust. Supposedly uses moisture in the air to catalyze and bond to the paint. Originally made for aircraft. WATER JUST EXPLODES when it hits the treated ssurface. Can also be used on the glass, like rainex. Treated the wheels and brake dust just hoses off... usually.
A lota stuff out there

Good to see who has used what! :)
From Buffalo

Hey guys'
I'm from buffalo NY and would like to know if anyone can tell me where I can get the ones (other than Mcguires) around here?
I've been contemplating Zaino for a while now and after hearing the comments on here I believe I'm going to give it a try. For you guys using it, are you getting it straight from Zaino Bros or have you found it elsewhere?
Car Care Products

I also like McQuires polish and wax. They do not have any silicone.

Studebaker Joe

What part of WVa? I grew up in St. Albans
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