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What is your favorite Dodge Nitro Color?

What's your favorite Dodge Nitro color?

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Lets find out the most popular color.

I can't for the life of me figure out why, but I love the Sunburst Orange Pearlcoat. It's very out of character for me, every car I've ever had has been black or white (with on brief exception of a teal Blazer mistake in 1996).
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I've always been a fan of Black, but looked with disdain at people that had the nerve to buy black and not keep them clean.

Nothing looks better than a clean, shiny black automobile
Nothing looks worse than a dirty one.

Now, to my horror, with how busy my life has become, I find myself with a dirty black truck....ugh. Can't go back black again, self loathing isn't for me!
LOL. I drive a black charger SRT8. It was dirty as it could be the other day. My sprinklers rained down calcium rich water that by morning had turned it a spotted version of grey! I drove it like that for 5 days :)

Believe me. I wasn't happy about it! My grass will probably die. . .
I drive a black charger SRT8.
Sweet car. Have you seen the pix for the '08 oh man.

Too bad it doesn't fit my lifestyle. If only I were rich, I'd have one sitting in the garage putting less than 500 mi. on her a year.
Oh yeah! I've seen the Challenger. We have a forum waiting for her to come out!

I'm not rich by any stretch. The Charger is my daily driver! I can't afford that AND another car :eek: ! Wish I could!
6 of my last 8 new cars have been black

black is definately the best color when clean but gets dirty and crappy looking fast :cool:

living here in michigan you learn this fast :eek: (thank god i have a heated garage with a hot water hose and a drain)

i hate to drive a dirty car and always do my best to keep it clean and waxed :D
You can be my neighbor any day! Come on down to FL! :D
I tell ya, the more pics I see of your ride, the more I like the white. I worry a bit that I may get tired of the orange. The dealer by me just got an orange one in, I'm going to go look at it today, maybe snap a couple of photos.
White ismy color. I live in montreal and i bought a white SXT 3 weeks ago and i love it . Now i'm waiting for snow.
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I live in montreal

Man I love that place. Talk about being ripped in two directions, I love the city, but man oh man do I hate the Habs. Of course being born in Boston, it's the law. Was up there last winter to take in a couple of games, a friend of my who works for ESPN got me the tickets. Scored big time, check out the view:

Of course the B's got shut out, but we still had a blast.
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I have yet to see the khaki...however it looks like it could be the best utility type in least dirt mud and dust showing= less washing. I think I like it.
You can see the kahki color on our sister site for the Dodge Caliber

Right HERE!
First one I drove was a khaki. It was an sxt so the fenders and front end were black. Didn't like the combo. I think it would be a great color on the slt where everything is body color.
Checked out a black and a red slt today at the dealership. Neither was configured with the G package I want so I will have to order. Still can't make up my mind. The red was a great color, but the white has me second guessing.
I'm not much for white, but the one I test drove the other day was a white SXT. The white with the gray fenders as an accent is a pretty nice combo, I think. I still have my eyes on a Sunburst Orange SLT in the future....
Black is beautiful, tan is grand but silver is the color of the big boss man.
went back and drove the black slt today. This is my 6th test drive. I finally got to check out the traction control in the rain. From a stop I turned up hill to the right. Gave it some gas and just when I thought the back would slip, I could feel the fronts kick in. It had the premium sound system in it. Sounded great with the sub-woofer. They called me a couple of hours ago and said they just rolled a Khaki slt off the truck that has the G package. I have been wanting to check out the leather seats. I'm going down there in awhile. I'll report back tonight about my thoughts on the seats.
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