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My 2.8L SXT came with stock 20" double spoke rims with plastic cladding.

I really like the style and think they really suit my Nitro, but the were showing their age a bit and were badly corroded.

I was looking to replace my rims, but didn't see any that I liked as much as the stock ones.

So I decided to go for a refurb instead........ off came the cladding, corrosion blasted off, any dents straightened out, and finally powder coated gloss black

Front view

Rear view

Front wheels done, rears will be done shortly.

I have ordered black lug nuts to go with the wheels.

I still need to source new centre caps (Any help would be appreciated)

Once my wheel project is complete I will upload some pics.

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Nicely done. I never could figure out why Dodge wold clad a rim. IMO they look much better the way you have them.
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