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Where the heck is the glove box light?

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I just realized something after having my Nitro R/T for a month or so... Where the heck is the light inside the glovebox??? Who the heck doesn't include that in thier build... Am I missing something or did they leave this out.... Let me know if mine was build on Monday and they forgot to include it.... I just find it hard to believe in a vehicle where they coverd about everything they didn't include a glove box light....


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LMAO!... So THATS what it is.... :)
A friend of mine bought a 06 GMC king cab, lifted, large rubber, 22" chrome wheels and guess what? Thats right sports fans..No light for the glove box, so you see..some companies take short cuts just to save a few pennies...But you do have a beautiful vehicle and the glove box light is just a small hickup in an otherwise perfect world. :) Enjoy Joe
Oh I agree... it just seems like something goofy to leave out... My buddy has an '07 Ford F150 and he doesn't have one either.
Were you guys serious about no glove box light? Then what the heck are they advertising on the Dodge website?

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The glovebox light is located on the ceiling, right above the rearview mirror. ;)
Sure seems like it's aimed right into the glovebox to me.
I think that arrow is pointing to a keychain flashlight that was left on in the bottom of the glovebox.
I just contacted the Dodge website and they said I need to contact the dealer about the lighted glovebox. She said it could be an option, and the dealer would know whether or not our Nitro would have it. I let her know there is no option listed for an illuminated glovebox. She also said that even though the website shows the illuminated glovebox, it is subject to change. Figures...
She gave me the Daimler Chrysler customer service number and suggested I call them.
TheBomb... let me know where you get with that so I can complain accordingly :D
TheBomb... let me know where you get with that so I can complain accordingly :D
I'll keep u posted...
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