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Will resting the TPS fix this??

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I have a 3.7L Nitro and when you lightly put your foot on the gas it takes a few seconds before it starts to move. Like it has a delay or something. Now if I were to pull the plug on the TPS turn the truck on acc wait a min then turn it off then plug it back in turn the truck that will tell it to relearn itself right?
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Good Question

:thk:I was driving a Toyota FJ today and I noticed that it was not as responsive as my Nitro, That same lag that your taking about, no problem yet with my Nitro
The Electronic throttle

There is no cable for the accelerator its electronic( the first step in drive by wire) is what nitroman is saying , I was a little leary of this new technology but I guess Daimler has used it for a while. :thk: and Yea what HV said (see Below)
The old days

Should we go back to the old days? My 57 VW had a solid steel wire in a sleeve and a wooden wheel accelerator petal, (I will bet few here have seen one of them LOL) (imagine a upside down wheel castor) and I Had a 63 Buick with a 445cui 8 that had a Rube Goldberg linkage. :eek:ld:

I admit it I am an AMC fan it all started innocently with a 73 Hornet, and ended with a 86 Jeep. :pop:
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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