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window streaks when rolling up and down..

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I wash my own nitro... and use auto glass cleaner. Of course with all cars, when you roll the window down after wahing a car, you get water streaks on the window from the inside of the door. It will usually dry up after a couple hours, but I've noticed the nitro to remain wet inside the door for almost 24 hours.

Also, when rolling up and down the window, has anyone noiced getting tiny vertical streaks ( sort of like a brush effect) and a horizontal line on the widow even when clean and dust free??

Im not too sure about the quality of the window seals with the microfiber.

anyone with me??
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Windows work fine, no dirt or streaks. You might have parked in a dusty spot and the dirt worked its way into the inner part of the door. It will keep on streaking until you flush out the residual dirt inside the door.
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