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Windshield Wipers Come On WHEN IT'S HOT!

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Upon starting 2009 Nitro when it has been sitting in heat for an extended period, the wipers automatically come on. ONLY the wipers. I have to turn the wiper switch on and off a few times to get them to turn off. I live in Southeast Texas, and this only happens when the car has been in the heat. This did not happen all winter. Only when it is very hot. This does not happen when the car is in the garage. Only in extreme direct heat. Any ideas?
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any chance it could be linked to condensation inside the car ?
Thanks for replying Nitrogen. Condensation? Well heck yeah! I live in Southeast Texas! I was cruising the related posts, looking for my exact situation and I ran across your post from 2018. The opposite climate, but very similar. Of course, since this is happening and the daytime at high heat and direct sunlight, I never noticed anything about the lights. And that may not be happening. My decision will be do I even want to bother with this. I am going to check the next time it happens to see if the lights are coming on. If so, I think I will address it. I see where some folks noted that the two stalks wire together and I certainly don't want any problems with my lights.
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i didn't have an issue with my lights,
my issue was the wipers randomly switching on, and then they would not switch off, happened a few times thought it was the wiper multifunction switch, so i dismantled it but didn't find anything wrong, so moved onto the wiper motor dismantled that and found some slight corrosion on the electrical contact tracks inside the motor (the parts which make the wiper motor stop in the correct position) gave then a clean, some new grease and they have been fine since,
Oh goodness, I bet that's exactly what's up with mine. And maybe the heat and humidity flares it. I'm an old chick so I don't think I have the skill set to do that. But maybe I can find someone who does. Where is the motor?
my issue was definately moisture related, inside the motor there are a couple of electrical tracks one is made from brass and the other is made from copper, the copper track has reacted with some moisture and caused green corrosion which in turn reacted with the lubricaiting grease, it was quite easy to open the motor and give it a clean just be careful not to loose any small pars (take plenty of photos as you go ),
the motor is under the hood at the bulkhead, under the plastic panel below the wiper arms, you may be able to find a new wiper motor cheap an ebay,
if you have moisture inside the car then it could be clockspring, multifunction switches or connectors, however if you just have electrical issues with the wipers then i would start with the wiper motor,
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