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Woo New Nitro owner

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Just bought my Nitro, an 07, with a strange set of options. So far I love it, always been a Dodge guy, owning previously, a PT Cruiser, and still own a heavy cutomized 1999 Neon R/T Turbo (about 310 WHP).

I can't really figure out which Nitro I got, because there are certain options that seem to fit both the SXT and the SLT.

For example:
3.7 L
NO Load N go, has 2 sided cover.
SLT fabric seats
Power inverters all over
It has non painted fenders.

From what I have gathered, Load N Go is SLT only, and so is auto trans. How I have a Nitro with auto + no load n go is strange. Perhaps because it was a former rental, with 11k miles when i bought it, they got to customize options some more? With the non painted fenders I wonder is it an sxt with auto + a few other options added?

Also the only other SUV I have owned was a Hummer H1, I was wondering what is the max safe speed for Nitro in 4 wheel lockout? I know in the H1 it was 55 mph for 4x4 High.
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yes NN....what color did you get? congrats and welcome!!
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