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Woo New Nitro owner

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Just bought my Nitro, an 07, with a strange set of options. So far I love it, always been a Dodge guy, owning previously, a PT Cruiser, and still own a heavy cutomized 1999 Neon R/T Turbo (about 310 WHP).

I can't really figure out which Nitro I got, because there are certain options that seem to fit both the SXT and the SLT.

For example:
3.7 L
NO Load N go, has 2 sided cover.
SLT fabric seats
Power inverters all over
It has non painted fenders.

From what I have gathered, Load N Go is SLT only, and so is auto trans. How I have a Nitro with auto + no load n go is strange. Perhaps because it was a former rental, with 11k miles when i bought it, they got to customize options some more? With the non painted fenders I wonder is it an sxt with auto + a few other options added?

Also the only other SUV I have owned was a Hummer H1, I was wondering what is the max safe speed for Nitro in 4 wheel lockout? I know in the H1 it was 55 mph for 4x4 High.
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Oceanside. Planning on going trailing up around palomar next weekend. Gota see what needs to be modded first.. suspension travel or tire size. But yes, the future sees nerf bars, tubular steel brush gaurd, 2" suspension lift, bigger more aggresive tires, debadging, CAI, Headers, Catback etc.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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