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wtf im confused

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i replaced my headlights because they where the dimist light ive ever seen and im driving down the road i stop to make a left and see in the tail gate from the truck in front of me the left light is out. wtf! i just replaced it so i get home and check it the light work WTF! well i figured out that the daytime driving light turns off when you hit your turn signal only when you dont have the headlights on. im confused why would you do this i dosent make seance to me why dodge would do that. any one got a idea as to why they did that?
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I hope they don't add that "feature" to MY rig.

I don't have DRL on mine but have driven with headlights on since buying my first new car (a Toyota mini-pickup) in '94. As I undersrand, DRLs are not as bright as the regular headlights. Didn't know there was a potential issue of not being able to see the turn sigs around the headlights.

I'm not too worried and will continue running full lights (navigation lights in my book) all the time.
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