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Im still waiting on deliver on my Nitro 6-8 weeks still im guessing from the original 8-12 stated. I will have the SLT with 2-tone dash (the part under the steering wheel and the glove box. I was wondering if anyone with and SXT or R/t with no 2-tone just the dark charcoal might be interested in trading the parts. I figured I'd post my interest in here and see if people want to save money instead of ordering the parts through the dealer and letting the old ones sit in the garage.

Also i am looking to obtain the black R/T grill. I HATE chrome so i would like to ditch the chrome grill but that also would just sit in the garage. SO if anyone with the painted black R/T grilll is interested in trading me we can work something out im sure and we'd only be paying for shipping. Id be willing to overnight. Still cheaper than $500 bucks for a new grill. or if someone had a small fender bender, broke theirs and would like to purchase it off me when i get it let me know as well..
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