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XSVI-6502 - Will it work?

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Just wondering if anyone has experimented with any types of connectors on the factory radio wires on the Nitro, and if they've come up with any possible working connectors.

After looking at the connector on Crutchfields site for the XSVI-6502 and the pictures on here for the back of the REQ radio (I have the basic model RES, but I'm assuming the connector will be the same.), I'm wondering if they will work together.. They look like the same connector, the only thing that worries me is the canbus operation..

I know I could just splice, but mine's a lease and I would prefer not to snip wires.

I'm thinking of picking one up just to see, but for the price ($70 + s/h) I thought I'd see if anyone else has tried it first. Maybe I can find something on eBay..

Also, here's the pics of the XSVI-6502 and the back of the radio for comparison purposes..

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Just got off the phone with That old harness will not work as there is vast changes to the entire wiring system in the new DCX/Jeep vehicles.

Metra is supposedly just about complete with the XSVI-6522 which is the one for our Nitro's. They have a photo of what it is supposed to look like. See below.

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I kinda figured the wiring would be slightly different. I was hoping to be able to just 'move around' the wires in the connector to get them where they were supposed to be. I know I'd probably lose the illumination option this way, but I'm getting impatient. :D
You and me both brother :D I am ordering my Clarion Max675vd and NAX970HD today and when it comes in all I can really do is look at it because I have no harness!!

Forget Scosche I just called them and they told me the same thing... they are finishing up developement because DCX changed their whole system.

Does anyone know of another harness maker besides Metra?
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